The daunting task of packing made easy.

Is there such a thing? We face an empty abyss known as a suitcase, but I would rather call it luggage. Staring at us, its storage supposedly able to fill all of the things we like to think we’ll be utilizing while we’re away, it taunts us challenging us to think up just what we want to fill it with.

It seems I always bring too much stuff I don’t need and forget the essentials. Luckily[maybe the Irish are upon me already!], I discovered this handy-dandy PACK-LIST outlining the basics as well as the nitty-gritty details we pass over in our rush to pack. I’m posting this so I myself can reference it in the future[especially when I’m attempting to pack the accumulated items throughout my 5-month stay], & hopefully you all can steal a few tricks from it as well!



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