I should be sleeping for the adventure ahead.

In the midst of last minute preparations for my 4 month extended study/stay/adventure in the green country of Ireland, I hunch over our kitchen sink gargling a base of hot water mixed with too much cayenne pepper, a generous splash of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and a few shakes of ground ginger.

Of course I would get sick a week before flying, the most avoided practice of my life. I trully despise the off an on flutter of the airplane’s engine just taunting me, and me alone knowing I am a huge wimp when it comes to being anywhere off the ground. Why must I have the added fix of a sore throat and ballooned headache foiling my perfect plans of entering the island in good health.

I could complain, but I am much too excited.


With two fifty pound suitcases, a stuffed backpack, and a heavy messenger bag filled with neon green headphones, Balance Gold S’mores bars, and various magazines, all that is missing is my Irish prince awaiting my arrival across the international border.

So I may not find my prince that quickly, but Julia, my sorority sister and fellow traveler + attendee of UL will have to due. With my newest fix of music in toe[including Two Door Cinema Club’s fantastic new album ‘Beacon’ and the guilty pleasure of T Swift’s album ‘Red’], I say goodbye America, hello Limerick.


4 thoughts on “I should be sleeping for the adventure ahead.

    • Ha, sadly it was unbelievably foggy and frigid, but cleared up today to reveal its emerald beauty! Thank you for your kind words; I’ll continue to post about this marvelous adventure and hope you enjoy it 🙂

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