What is this ‘education’ you speak of?

Yes, after an entire week of never ending activities, staying up until the wee hours of the mornin’, and having some good ole craic, we all quickly discovered that the shenanigans would have to eventually end…sort of. The Irish truly never stop partying and going out to the pubs. Literally every night; well Tuesday and Thursdays and Sundays apparently are when if you’re anybody, you’ll be out with the rest of the chummy lot, but in terms of those who actually decided to show up for class, the Eramus and Study Abroad students definitely were representing!

Monday marked my first class[bright and early…maybe not so bright] at 9:00am though Kellianne and I decided we would leave an hour early to explore the spread out campus before attempting to discover where our classes would reside. Luckily we found the doors with our investigative skills despite the tricky systems. There is the Ground floor(G), M floor(M), O floor(O) THEN, 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. Apparently the Irish count with letters as well? Nonetheless, I was able to make it my first class, Branding in the Kemmey Business School. My Swiss roommate Yves was shocked at the ‘small size’ of the lecture being able 40-50 students which to someone used to 12-20 students per class, I was a bit out of my element. The professor showed us a fantastic short called, ‘Logo-o-rama’ featuring 2,500 different brands with Ronald McDonald as the vulgar antagonist. Several of the crude jokes were hilarious, but from an American’s perspective; I quickly discovered I would be the only one laughing among the international and Irish students…maybe the 9 o’clock hour had something to do with their attention span?

Next came Historical/Cultural Geography of Ireland after a delicious meal at the Scholar’s Club, a pub/eatery on campus. I was ecstatic to find out they not only had chili, one of my favorite meals, but that it was made with Quorn, a myoprotein substitute mimicking the texture and flavor of meat without actually being meat. At only 6.50 euro for the chili, rice, and vegetables, I was a happy college kid upon arriving to the class.

I was just a tad excited for a meal geared toward vegetarians[and my pescatarian diet!]

I was just a tad excited for a meal geared toward vegetarians[and my pescatarian diet!]


After learning that the class would be about how the land has changed/endured our society and what attributes have remained over the generations walking across its green paths, I made my way to Irish Music + Dance. Remembering the instrumental treat we received during Orientation, I was quite excited to further delve into the traditions Ireland has saved and coined for thousands of years. I had originally hoped to perfect my two left feet dancing skills, but was thrilled to hear they would offer a ‘song’ tutorial for students to focus on. The professor explained that we will be singing noted English songs while also heavily dabbling in the Irish melodic language. I haven’t perfected the accent, but maybe I can start with the words to become a pro? Wish me luck…oh wait I’m in Ireland.

Finishing around 3:00pm, my Lyons Irish black tea still was kicking hard, but as I made my way to a potential 5:00pm Consumption + Consumer Culture class, the energizer bunny definitely was taking a nap in my system. By the time I made it back to my flat in Robin 59, I barely could take my boots off…luckily I had Ben and Yves take my boots off~they each got to play Prince Charming taking one off. It’s so funny what they find amusing. After their appreciated help, I was ready to take a load off for the evening.

Tuesday morning began bright and early again at 9:00am with Interaction, Relationships, and Networks, another fantastic marketing class. From what I have gathered, we will be creating an entire marketing plan within the Adventure/tourism sector benefiting charities through fundraising. This is the simplified version of the group project; though it will take a tight fit of our thinking caps, I am excited to use the knowledge of an international market to return with fiscal coursework for a potential internship this Summer. I’m nearing my senior year, and though study abroad is filled with consistent craic, I have to consider how I am receiving these opportunities. Hooray, education!

Wednesday finalized my schedule with a sociology class labeled Social Approaches to Gender and Multiculturism. Burrowing into the politics of European countries and the feminist oppositions featured in each varying culture, I was incredibly intrigued to discover more of what this particular professor would lecture about this semester.

So there you have it friends. I have classes among the laughter and shenanigans. Now comes the weekend festivities…Wednesday evening at UL means Karoke night+ A Pub Crawl with the International Society on campus! Sadly I didn’t become famous with my always harmonizing vocals, yet our usual crew met some good ole Irish students and a dear friend named Bulmers.

My favorite apple cider ale.

My favorite apple cider ale.

Our fantastic tour guide Kee-ran for the evening; always seems to find me on a path of UL with a smile.
Our fantastic tour guide Kee-ran for the evening; always seems to find me on a path of UL with a smile.


Karaoke, and hanging with friends in a pub on a Wednesday…boy we were just getting started for this weekend. Stay tuned lads…



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