Come along where outcasts are cool.


“How many friends did you make tonight Annie? 400?”…”Mmm I’d be lying if I said more than 350.” Putting aside the fun and games of exaggerated extensions of my friendships made here at UL, coining myself as a social butterfly could in order. There really is no experience I have been submitted to in the past that rightfully levels with the consistent interactions of international culture. Whether attempting to keep up with the Irish[both socially and their mumbled slurred dialect], or conversing with someone of another European nationality, I find being the outcast as an American truly is great fun. We are the ones privileged enough to receive the utmost access to new ideologies, fashion sense, and alcohol consumption; why should’t I take advantage of this fact? Even though I have found myself interiorly on my laid death bed[it would be a floral pattern smelling of sweet roses, jasmine, or lavender], no extent of sickness will hinder my desired adventures on and off the campus of University of Limerick. This weekend proved to be yet another flowing with ample sight seeing, unfamiliar faces, and my first bite of fish & chips[not my favorite; guess I’ll have to stick to my plate of steamed vegetables and Quorn vegetarian chik’n pieces].

Though my subconscious was screaming to avoid going out to the Stables Club on Friday night[probably how I lost my voice…] TGIF was pulling me with the gusty chilled winds blowing across our village. While the others had already ventured out of the apartment to enjoy pre-festivities, Sofia and I stayed in enjoying a dinner together and shuffling through our closet of fashion.

“I don’t own any green!” I was in Struggle city. Tonight’s theme was a ‘Traffic Light’ party entailing those who are single & ready to mingle wearing green, those who are complicated and not sure where they stand to wear orange, and those who are head over heels in love with their beau to wear red. I found a top in a coral hue, at least to my eyes, but Sofia claimed it was red. I figured I could pull it off and challenge the men who desired my attention. Sort of worked…didn’t find myself a valentine, but did have a great easy going conversation with a man named David before leaving the Stables. Sadly, I can’t find him on Facebook despite the providence of his name. Maybe I’ll find him this Friday for February 14th. Wish me luck…apparently I need it even in Ireland!

it's definitely an orange hue! Am I color blind? Tell me now for I would rather accept the fact than live a lie.

it’s definitely an orange hue! Am I color blind? Tell me now for I would rather accept the fact than live a lie.

Ready, set, GO!

Ready, set, GO!


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