It’s been the craic.

My room in Thomond Village once had ample space compared to several typical college dorms, but now looks like the winds of Ireland entered in full swing piling clothes, various Irish cuisine, and magazines cut up from my craft projects. I can’t stand mess in my room, especially when acknowledging the reason behind the chaos. […]

If I hadn’t attended UL.

I sure would have missed an experience unavailable in any other context. I find myself chuckling when reflecting on my initial¬†adrenaline¬†inspired ‘regrets’ anticipating a semester worse than a sister school found within the urban capital of Dublin. Continuously justifying to myself that the classes would be more related to my creative major of Advertising & […]

San Francisco regifted my heart to Dublin.

I haven’t posted my adventures in quite some time. I’m sorry. Again. Moving on. As a noob in terms of Irish culture, I wouldn’t hesitate to claim any American in their right mind still is aware of St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland’s coining of the color green. Granted that any form of celebration justifies reasoning […]