It’s been the craic.

My room in Thomond Village once had ample space compared to several typical college dorms, but now looks like the winds of Ireland entered in full swing piling clothes, various Irish cuisine, and magazines cut up from my craft projects. I can’t stand mess in my room, especially when acknowledging the reason behind the chaos.

In only two short days, I will be reluctantly dragging my feet back onto a United Boeing plane destined for Newark, New Jersey and then on to San Francisco.

I have quite a bit to look forward to, namely my 21st birthday, but even though I’ve been dreaming about the epic shenanigans to be had on such a fateful birthday, I sincerely can’t imagine the celebration without my close knit group of friends made here in Limerick. Luckily we’ve had several house parties and good craic at the last TGIF of the semester, but even so, it doesn’t make the parting any easier.

Some power food for the overload of information.

Some power food for the overload of information.

Exams were quite a struggle since the ora of studying abroad revolves more on the cultural side of the spectrum. We’re traveling to separate countries, other counties in Ireland, and suddenly an exam worth more than half your mark expects your memorization of all the material from the semester. I must say, I feel like I was the only ‘study abroad kid’ who chose quite difficult classes. All 4th year level, the subjects certainly challenged me. I was worried at first, but having flatmates who tirelessly spent mornings into evenings at the Kemmey business school inspired me to progress despite my mental blocks.

Inspired is an understatement when referencing my Robin 59 family. Their dedication to their schoolwork is impressive, but the mere fact that they’re learning these difficult subjects in another language is beyond my comprehension. Having taken Spanish for five years, and encountering the extreme obstacles proves how they possess brains of wonder. Having that level of motivation as an everyday occurrence surely will be missed in these coming semesters back in the States.

Of course my iTunes playlist is being puppeted by the Universe seeing that every song has a theme of leaving, being sad, and finding those we leave behind again at another time. I knew this day would come, but I never thought it’d be so soon.

Less than 2 days. Oh my.



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